IUD (Intrauterine Device)

IUD is a long lasting but reversible method of contraception that is mostly safe and very efficient. They are small T- shaped plastic devices that release copper or hormone called progestin.There are different types of IUD, the healthcare provider will assist you to make the right choice of IUD for you.


Like many things in life, IUD has its pros and cons. It is remarkably an effective but convenient form of contraception.


Some Benefits of IUD are:

  • It is a highly effective in preventing pregnancy
  • The need to have a reminder to take your pills everyday is eliminated with IUD use
  • Its side effects are fewer compared to the other forms of contraception
  • One placement can serve for long as 5yrs; and overall regarded to be more cost effective.
  • It does not contain estrogen, which some women would prefer to avoid.


During consultation, other forms of contraception would be discussed so that you can choose the right contraception for you.


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