For Walk-in visits
No walk-ins at this time. Only Patients of the clinic.

Test Reports
If you would like to discuss your test results kindly book an appointment. You will be contacted by our clinic if the physician would like to discuss your results in more detail.

Prescription Refills
We do not provide refills for longer than 3 months. If your medication is running low please contact our clinic to book an appointment for refill prescriptions or contact pharmacy for them to send a authorization request and the doctor will review.

Uninsured Services
Some of the services provided at the Cooper’s Medical Clinic are not covered by Alberta Health Services. Please check with Clinic for uninsured service charges and payment methods.

Environment & Behaviour
Coopers Medical Clinic offers comfortable and respectful environment for all. Our Staff will make your visit comfortable and pleasant. We will not tolerate behavior that is loud, abusive, threatening, intimidating or profane language towards our staff. Any visitor with such behaviour will be told to leave the clinic immediately and the appointment/walk-in visit will be cancelled.

We respect your confidentiality. Any request to release your medical information to anyone else will be only provided after a written, witnessed consent form is received.

Our Policy