Lerrie Pirote

I have been with Cooper’s Medical Clinic since this opened. The receptionists are nice, friendly and knowledgeable. Dra. Daphne Uduji is my family doctor, she is very caring, provided me details for treatment in clinic and on phone, the doctor I can truly rely on and restored my health. She’s the best!

Elvige Djuala

I highly recommend this clinic. Dr Daphne Ududji is one of the professional and caring doctor I haven’t had. She paid close attention to my health and provide an efficient approach that can ease my recovery. The front desk staff are very kind and friendly.

Pretty B

Dr Uduji is truly amazing. She listens patiently, never in a hurry. She hears you and never down play your complains. She is very soft spoken, very playful with the kids and kind. She is very professional, and goes above and beyond for my family. It’s been 2years plus with her and no regrets.

Michelle Teunissen

We’ve came in at Cooper’s clinic as a walk in patient and Dr Uduji is very helpful in accommodating us with regular follow-ups. She is very nice, sweet, calm, informative, so caring for her patient and very helpful with our needs. The staffs are friendly, nice and accommodating too