Pediatric Care

Early childhood is a crucial period for both the child and parents. This formative period depends on normal development of vital organs like the brain.

Benefits With Our Service

Book a visit at age 1 week with your physician, please bring in the discharge papers from the hospital for this visit.

Babies are usually checked by a health care provider within the first week of going home from the hospital. At this first visit your health care provider will:

After the first visit, your physician would see your child each time your receive immunization for the first year, at 18 months, then at ages two and five.

During this visit our physicians would ask general medical questions including:

Your child’s developmental milestones, language milestones, and social and emotional issues.

Care Of the Elderly

We know that the elderly, particularly those over 75 years of age, requires increased medical care by physicians.

Our physicians will typically spend 15 to 30 minutes during each elder visit. Please request more time when booking to ensure adequate time with your doctor to address all your concerns.

Family Practice

We provide our patients with:

A Family Doctor is the one who will address all your health concerns and any ongoing issues. He or she is the main provider who you can consult for all your health-related needs.

Our team of health professionals is always there to help and provide all the assistance and support you need to feel at ease.

At Coopers Medical clinic, our staff and physicians use best practices to improve the patient experience. Come to Coopers Medical clinic and allow us to take care of your health needs.

Women’s Health Care

Women's health care services in Airdrie, AB

As females, you’re faced with particular health issues and it is essential to find an experienced women’s health provider that you can count on. Our clinic offers services and advice related to women’s general health as well as reproductive health. Our female patients are provided with all the information as well as support and assistance they require to make informed decisions about their health.


Your family physician can provide gynecological tests for insertions of IUD for contraceptives management STI testing and menstrual problems.

There’s more to women’s wellness than the annual wellness exam although it’s essential to your overall health. We recognize that several aspects and stages of life comes with its own peculiar challenges including:

Make your appointment with your health provider now!

If you’re experiencing the signs of health issues or you are due for your annual woman’s health examination and we’re here to help your needs at Coopers Medical Clinic. As your medical home, we provide additional medical services to ensure full-service care, like chronic disease management and urgent health visits.

Flu Shots, Adult Vaccinations, And Travel Vaccinations

Vaccinations & Immunizations

We offer vaccination and immunizations for those who are 9 yrs or older. We also provide travel vaccines for those who plan to travel across the world. We also provide the best safety advice to our patients, based on the nation they are visiting. Both adults and traveling vaccines can prevent a variety of unwanted diseases.

Consult one of our doctors If you or your family members are planning to travel to any place outside Canada to get immunizations or travel needs.



Getting injured at work can greatly affect someone’s life. 

To ensure a quick recovery we offer WCB services that gives injured workers to receive medical care and assessment promptly, with a goal to get back to work and to complete rehabilitation.


Hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating that’s not always related to exercise or heat. It’s possible to sweat so much that it soaks into your clothing or drips off of your hands. Apart from disrupting your daily routine the type of excessive sweating can create embarrassment and social anxiety.

Botulinum toxin (Botox ™) is one of the effective forms of treatment. Coopers Medical clinic can provide Botox  to treat sweating in Airdrie for people who suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.

Don’t Worry, Hyperhidrosis treatment is as easy as visiting Coopers Medical Clinic in Airdrie.

Social Worker – Registered Nurse

Here at Coopers Medical Clinic we have the Support of our local Highland Primary Care Network. Every Tuesday we have a certified social worker who you can be referred to by your family physician. The social worker can help you in many ways including forms for the government or if you need counselling to get through a rough patch. She is here for you. Please ask your family physician for a referral to get you started.

Registered Nurse

In Collaboration with the Highland Primary Care Network in Airdrie, we have a Registered Nurse who is available to patients with a simple referral from your family doctor. She can see a multitude of disciplines from Mental Health to Diabetes education and dietary needs. For an appointment with her please ask your family physician for a referral and we can get you set up with an appointment.

Benefits With Our Service

Our Technicians believe in the value that give you high quality of technology for your health safety. We have specialist for emergency health care service in your home at on time. They are highly trained for quickly response and provide great service to the our patients.

Health Tips & Info

We feel that our technicians are best part of heart hospital is often unrecognized for its contribution to the profitability & success of a hospital. We believe in success of our hospital in the world.
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Drivers Medical Exam

A driver’s medical exam is a routine exam that is meant to ensure that a person is healthy, fit, and able to drive safely on Alberta’s roads.

This medical exam may need to be done because of a person’s occupation or age category. Individuals with certain health conditions may also need to undergo a driver’s medical exam in order to ensure that they are able to drive safely.

Please contact Coopers Medical Clinic for more information on the driver’s medical exam and fee.

Chronic Migraine Treatment

A migraine headache can be preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound.  They generally last for 24 hours but can last for several days or, in some cases, longer periods.

Treatment Options

Chronic headache injections are used widely to relief many types of pain, providing relief from migraine headaches as well as from teeth grinding and chronic soft tissue pain in the head and neck area (often caused by an accident or other trauma).

This treatment is covered by your Alberta Health Insurance plan.  1 or 2 sessions are usually required to determine the success of your response, but the reduction in pain from various syndromes ranges from 3 to 6 months.  Following a treatment patients may return to the rest of their daily routines immediately.

Please bring your Alberta Health care card with you to your first appointment